Let’s Build India into a Global Hub for ODR

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) represents all mechanisms of dispute resolution outside the traditional mode of settling disputes through Courts. It includes Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation.

ADR requires experienced Arbitrators/Mediators/Conciliators to interact with the disputing parties and arrive at a settlement. In an arbitration contract, such meeting place is the defined “Seat of Arbitration”. Similar place of meeting may be defined as a “Mediation Center” or “Conciliation Center”.

Permanent institutions of ADR maintain their own physical infrastructure to handle such meetings and its own back office to manage the requirements. This requires parties to converge at the place where the ADR meeting can take place involving travel and stay

Individuals who are otherwise qualified to handle ADR however may not have their own physical infrastructure.

Online Dispute Resolution or ODR eliminates the need for travel to the place. In an ODR process, parties conduct their ADR interactions online sitting at their respective places and using their computers or laptops connected to internet.

Naavi the pioneer in Cyber Law in India is now on a mission to make India the hub of ODR for the world. Now you can be part of this mission by joining this forum.


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