Following are the terms of membership for this forum which is binding on all members:

  1. All members shall follow the Code of Ethics as mentioned herein.
  2. We respect your privacy and follow the Privacy Policy as mentioned herein.
  3. Other general Terms applicable to membership are given below.


This website is meant for knowledge sharing in the community about Alternate Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution. Any information provided in the website is not to be considered as legal advise and users are required to consult appropriate legal advisers before initiating any legal action based on such information.


This website constitutes an “Intermediary” under the Information Technology Act 2000 and follows “Due Diligence” and “Reasonable Security Practice” as prescribed under the Act.

Value Returned

Every member who pays the membership fee is immediately credited with Virtual ODR Room usage entitlement at www.odrglobal.in for the entire value of the membership fee paid. The entitlement enables the member to use the Virtual ODR room over a period of time as per the terms of the entitlement coupon issued for the purpose. If not used as per the terms of the coupon the value may lapse.

Additionally, the Forum endeavors to provide value by offering a web exposure to the member through the profile page, providing access to professionally useful information in the associated blog, providing discussion facilities among other members to enhance the professional knowledge and skills, conducting webinars and seminars or workshops from time to time for which privileged access may be provided to the members.


The owners of the website shall try to provide value on a best effort basis and shall not provide any waranty in this regard. Knowledge is acquired under an environment created for the purpose and different persons benefit to different extent thereof and the user agrees that he shall not hold the website or its owners or any contributors to the knowledge pool responsible for any inadequacy of information or errors thereof.

User Commitments

User who registers in the forum shall provide correct information about himself and follow the code of ethics as indicated and the relevant laws as applicable.

While sharing any information on the forum either in the form of discussions or articles, the author shall be responsible to ensure that no infringement of intellectual property rights occurs. In the event any complaint is received about incorrectness of any information provided or infringement of intellectual property rights, the administrator of the forum will take steps to remove the offending content after being satisfied that the allegation appears to be correct.

Grievance Redressal

Any dispute arising of interaction with this website with regard to the intermediary activity will be handled as per the guidelines under Section 79 of Information Technology Act applicable to intermediaries.

Grievance if any between the user and the website will be processed under the Grievance redressal mechanism adopted by the website which shall consist of online “Mediation”, followed (if required) by online an “Arbitration” through www.global.in under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.

Grievance if any between different users are outside the scope of the grievance redressal mechanism of the website. However, the website shall cooperate in resolving any such grievance with provision of evidence as available to the necessary authorities or to the user as appropriate. Where required, the website may provide services of an e-Ombudsman or ODR services from ODR Global to resolve such inter-user disputes.

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