Welcome to the Global Forum of ADR Professionals.

Objective of this Forum:

The objective of this forum is to create a community of ADR professionals who are ready for global action through using Online Dispute Resolution tools available at ODR Global.

The goal is to make India a global hub for ODR activities with the use of the unique Virtual ODR facilities introduced by ODR Global for the first time anywhere in the world.

For Whom is this Forum meant for:

This Forum is meant for the following category of users.

a) Arbitrators,Mediators and Conciliators

b) Institutions of Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation

c) Advocates who want to represent their clients in ADR processes

d) Parties to business contracts who may use ADR as a part of their dispute resolution

e) Educational Institutions interested in ADR related education


This site is affiliated to www.naavi.org and more specifically activities envisaged under www.odrglobal.in,


Join the Forum and participate in the emerging revolution in the “Dispute Risk Management Industry” where litigation in Courts will be gradually replaced with Alternate Dispute Resolution methods.

Explore the site for more information, understanding the benefits of joining the forum, how you can contribute to the growth of this community.



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