Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators holds an awareness workshop

The Indian Institution of Technical Arbitrators (IITARB), Bangalore had organized an awareness building lecture yesterday, the 3rd April, 2017, at the Association of Consulting Engineers, K R Circle.

The event was meant to build some awareness about “Arbitration” among the members of IITARB which mainly consisted of Civil Engineers who are engaged in consultancy based on their Civil Engineering Expertise.

The meeting was addressed by Mr C.N.Sundareshan, Secretary, ICADR, (International Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bangalore) who explained the role of technical experts as “Arbitrators”.

The meeting was well attended by many consulting engineers many of whom are presently engaged as “Certified Valuers” of properties. A few senior Consultants had some experience in acting as mediators/adjudicators of dispute in their official capacity.

However, a large number of participants were new to the field of Arbitration and therefore it was a first exposure to this emerging field of practice where domain experts have a role to play in resolving disputes.

The event was a good effort on the part of IITARB, Bangalore to kindle the interest on Alternative Dispute Resolution among the members. The organization has a large number of members with Civil Engineering expertise and has a good potential to develop into an expert dispute resolution forum in due course. invites the members of IITARB to join the movement of ODR initiated by Naavi by participating in the online awareness exercise undertaken by Naavi through as well as


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