Members of this forum will have the following benefits.

Knowledge Sharing Platform:

The Forum will host a blog in which articles relevant to ADR and ODR will be provided so that this becomes a center for knowledge sharing. Members who contribute articles and show case their specific expertise in ADR are welcome to contribute articles. This should help in improving the general standards of ADR in India and elsewhere.

Your Own Web Profile Page

Each member will be provided one profile page in which his contact information would be made available along with his brief profile as presented at the time of registration.

(P.S: Information provided herein would be as provided by the member and would not be verified independently)

A link to the profile page would be provided from a link in the index of members.

Periodical Webinars/meetings

Periodical webinars and physical meetings may be held to discuss various issues relevant to ADR to educate the members. The members will also contribute their knowledge by being speakers both to introduce themselves to the community and also share their skill profile.

Use of Virtual ODR Platform

The Virtual ODR platform of ODR Global.( would be available for use by the members on a priority basis.

A Model ” Rule of Arbitration” would be made available as a template by the Cyber Law Compliance Center (CLCC) of to assist those Arbitrators who might not have developed their own set of rules for conducting their arbitration.

This will follow the principles of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 (of India) as amended on 31st December 2015 and the UNCITRAL Model Law on Arbitration (Presently in draft form) along with the standard operating procedures relevant to the use of Virtual ODR services of ODR Global.

The net impact of the above would be to render every member of the forum,“ODR Ready”

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